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Lincoln Bar + Kitchen

$16 Ribeyes and $18 Filets, comes with sauteed veggies and roasted new potatoes.  Choice of horseradish garlic aoli, or port wine mushroom demi-glaze.


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The Hideaway

Dating back to 1997, Hideaway is one of the original spots to offer steak nights.  In fact, my very first steak night was at this joint off Dunvale. On Tuesdays and Saturdays (!!!) for $14, you can get a ribeye, baked potato, and salad.  Add grilled mushrooms or onions for $1.50 more.


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PJ’s Sports Bar

Steak nights are meant to be enjoyed with friends, and PJ's knows this.  That's why their steak night special on Thursdays slings out a double SPS combo, AND throws in a pitcher of beer for $31!  And for good measure, additional pitchers are only $7 bucks more.


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Red Lion Pub

Here's something different.  Red Lion Pub slings Filet Mignon on their Thursday steak nights.  If you recently got your teeth punched out by your mama for not finishing your steaks, then head over there for a $24 filet dinner.


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Proof Rooftop Lounge

This place sucks.  Don't go here.


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Moon Tower Inn

Moon Tower Inn has steak nights on Thursday, which includes a 16oz ribeye and baked potato for $15. Seriously, go check it out. Gazillion beers on tap, and really good food. Don't be afraid to try out some of their "exotic" hot dogs too. 3004 Canal St - don't worry, you're probably at the right place if you think you've made a wrong turn somewhere...


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Maple Leaf Pub

You don't have to be a hockey fan, or Canadian to enjoy the steak night at Maple Leaf Pub on Thursdays.  Though if you fit the bill as one (or both), then you'll probably feel even more welcome at this Midtown bar.  Like other bars in Midtown, parking could be tough.  But you can find plenty of street parking if you're okay walking a few minutes.


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Junction Bar & Grill

Junction Bar & Grill in Midtown has a steak night every Thursday for $13 bucks. Just like the steak night special they have there, our description for their steak night will remain nothing special.

Thank you Houston!

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Front Porch Pub

Front Porch Pub in Midtown hosts steak-n-bock nights every Tuesday and Thursday, where they cook up a 16oz hand-cut ribeye cooked over coals, served with a baked potato for $15.  Parking is tough like every other place in Midtown, but it's one of the better steak nights in the HTX.


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Little Woodrow’s Shepherd

This is easily one of my favorite places to go for steak night on Thursdays.  The steaks are a 21-day wet aged ribeye, served with a potato and a salad for $16.  Simply put, you won't get a better tasting steak for $16 anywhere else.  Oh, the bar is pretty bad ass too.  Only downside to going here on a Thursday is that it's usually very busy, so you'll likely have to fight for a table, as well as ...[Read More]


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Glitter Karaoke

Maybe it's the terrible rendition of Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart by some drunk bro blaring through the speakers making everything else in the world seem incredible in comparison.  But Glitter has a really great steak night every Wednesday for just $14.

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