Christian’s Tailgate – Midtown

Christian’s Tailgate – Midtown


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Christian’s Tailgate – Midtown
Christian’s Tailgate – Midtown

Let me preface this review with the full disclosure that I love Christian's Tailgate. Beer is cold, and their burgers are some of the best you'll find in Houston. But when it comes to the steaks during their Wednesday steak night, I'd recommend you rethink the order and just get a burger instead.

Pricing is a bit unique here, as they charge by the uncooked weight of the steak. I told the two ladies working the grill that I would take a 16oz steak for $16, medium rare. That's when one of the ladies took the uncut ribeye out of the ice chest, sliced it like a pro to what ended up being something like 16.1oz. But her ability to cut the steak to the ordered weight was probably the only impressive thing I could say about the steak at Christian's.

Grilling Method The steaks are grilled on a charcoal barrel grill on the patio by a grill master, and her assistant. While the steak is being grilled, a wet marinade was drizzled on the steak. I suspect this was just some watered down A1 steak sauce, which gave this steak the unmistakably tangy taste of the devil's piss made by Kraft Foods. I already mentioned that I had ordered my steak medium-rare, but I guess they were having an off-day, as it came out pretty rare all throughout the steak.

Taste Well... it's not that great. Aside from that tangy taste and improper temperature of the meat I mentioned, about fifth of the steak was fat. I know some people relish in chewing chunks of steak fat, but not this guy. I understand we shouldn't expect to be served a steak that's comparable to an aged steak from Killen's here, but every bit of this steak was just unacceptable to me.

Sides Okay, so they did something right here. Christian's has a "buffet" where you can get salad, fries, and toppings for your potato. The bacon bits were not in the buffet, but all you have to do is ask the kitchen workers, and they'll give you plenty.

Ribeye + Salad
$ 1/oz



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