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Holler Brewing

Holler Brewing is hosting a steak night every Wednesday between 5 pm and 9 pm for $22, which includes a steak, side dish, and a Holler beer of your choice.  The chef has noted with pride that all steak cuts are sourced locally (no discount Kroger stu...[Read More]


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Little Woodrow’s Eado

Like it's other locations, Little Woodrow's Eado is offering up steak nights on Wednesdays.  We are still waiting for pricing confirmation, but other HSN users say it's around $16 for a steak & potato.  IPA's on Wednesdays are $3 as well.


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Guava Lamp

On Tuesdays between 6pm to 10 pm, Chef Michele, who graduated 1st in her class in cullinary arts at The Art Institute, prepares steak, a side of potatoes and a fresh salad.  This LGBT bar that is welcoming to all has trivia night with free prizes on ...[Read More]


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MKT Bar at Phoenicia

MKT Bar is truly a hidden gem when it comes to pulling off a cheap date night, without making the guy feel like a cheapo. Remember to enjoy a walk through Discovery Green after dinner to complete the night.  Pro tip: Phoenicia has free parking in the...[Read More]


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Moon Tower Inn

Moon Tower Inn has steak nights on Thursday, which includes a 16oz ribeye and baked potato for $15. Seriously, go check it out. Gazillion beers on tap, and really good food. Don't be afraid to try out some of their "exotic" hot dogs too. 3004 C...[Read More]

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