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Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar

Dan Electro's Thursday Steak Night begins at 6:30 and ends at 11 for $18.  And as always, Bryan the steak guy will sling you steak night worthy pork chops for $13 and even lamb chops for $20.  His jalapeno cheddar mashed potatoes are also pretty legi...[Read More]


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Spring Street Beer & Wine Garden

This place is hands down my favorite bar in all of Houston. It's clean, casual, affordable, accessible, friendly, and has a big ass parking lot. Their massive patio is also dog-friendly and has a ton of TV's so you can hang out to watch your favorite...[Read More]


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McIntyre's is one of our favorite spots in Houston to kick back and relax.  To help you do that, they have a gianormous patio with TV's and swings everywhere so you can catch the best games or carry on a good conversation with a great crowd that seem...[Read More]


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Public House

"Let's do something chill tonight".  Those words can be the most perplexing thing that you can hear from your friends if you don't have a good go-to spot like the Public House.  But you're here because you want to know about their steak night special...[Read More]


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Sassafras offers up chef's choice of steak cut with some of the most fancy pants sounding sides I've seen on a steak night menu, such as chili butter, bacon braised cabbage, creole mustard mash potatoes, braised cauliflower, fried potatoes with peppe...[Read More]


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Julep has a steak night on Wednesdays from 6pm to 11pm featuring a 12oz Ribeye from Black Hill Ranch paired with truffle fries, salad, and bourbon ice cream for just $22.  Julep has been a nice anchor for the eastern end of Washington for quite some ...[Read More]


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T-Bones Sports Pub

From 7p to 10p, T-Bones has 16oz ribeye, baked potato/mashed potato, veggies/side salad on Mondays.  Make sure to check out the $7 domestic pitchers while you're there.


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D&T Drive Inn

D&T has a steak night every Tuesday, which somewhat blows away the competition in pricing.  At $18 for a 10 oz Sirloin or $28 for a 16 oz Ribeye, it compares to what you would likely pay at a Saltgrass or Outback.  But then again, those places do...[Read More]

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