Little Woodrow’s Midtown

Little Woodrow’s Midtown


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Little Woodrow’s Midtown
Little Woodrow’s Midtown

My favorite thing about the steak night at Little Woodrow's Midtown has to be the self-serve condiment tray that comes with the baked potato.  I'm typically ashamed to ask for it, but I like a shitload of sour cream and bacon bits in my potato.  More than what other steak night joints are typically comfortable dolling out.  Otherwise, the steak is pretty average, and on the thin/small side.  If I had to eye ball it, they're typically a 10 oz to 12 oz steaks off their bad ass coal-burning grill.  However, they make up for the smaller steak with their 23oz beer specials that start at $2.50.  Make sure to stick with the Bud/Miller/Coors, or it starts jumping up to about $3 a beer for the darker stuff.

Steak & Baked Potato
$ 18
23oz Beer
$ 3



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