$18 Ribeye + Sides


McIntyre's is one of our favorite spots in Houston to kick back and relax.  To help you do that, they have a gianormous patio with TV's and swings everywhere so you can catch the best games or carry on a good conversation with a great crowd that seems to find their way to this place every day.  But the best part is their $18 Tuesday steak night featuring a 12oz Angus Ribeye or an 8oz Angus Filet w...[Read More]


Our favorite grillmaster, Bryan Hawes, is at it on Tuesdays at Pimlico slinging his mojo for $18.  That gets you a well seasoned Ribeye, jalapeno mashed potatoes that he mashes himself onsite, and perhaps some of his amazing pasta salad if you ask really nicely.  But if you're not in the mood for steak, give the pork chops or the lamb chops a try.  I promise you won't regret it.  They only accept ...[Read More]

Public House

"Let's do something chill tonight".  Those words can be the most perplexing thing that you can hear from your friends if you don't have a good go-to spot like the Public House.  But you're here because you want to know about their steak night special.  For that, they've partnered with Bryan who is a proven steak night veteran. Let me quote their website on the steak night, because it's better t...[Read More]

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