$18 Steak + Sides

Christian’s Tailgate – West U

Hosted by the same steak slingers working Boheme, The Harp, Bobcat Teddy's ICehouse, Gorgeous Gael, Providence in the Heights, and Underdogs, steak night is being hosted at Christian's Tailgate in West U on Wednesdays for $18 to $25 depending on the cut of your steak.

The Harp

Steak night at The Harp is back with a new group of folks slinging steaks. (All served with sautéed spinach and mashed potatoes) 12 oz. Ribeye or Strip $18 14 oz. Sous Vide Double Bone-in Pork Chop $14 16 oz. Cowboy cut Ribeye $33 22 oz. Porterhouse $28 Half rack of Sous Vide Lamb $20 Crab Cake with Curry Aioli $10

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