$20 Steak + Sides

Upstairs Bar & Lounge

Upstairs Bar & Lounge (Hungry's Rice Village) has steak night on Thursdays starting at 7pm featuring a 12oz Angus Beef ribeye served with hand-cut fries for $16.


NettBar has a steak night on Tuesdays starting at 6pm for $20 featuring a 14oz Ribeye or an 8oz filet topped with compound butter & chimichurri sauce.  They also have happy hour from 4pm to 8pm.


BCK has steak night every Wednesdays from 5pm to close.  $19.99 includes a 10 oz steak, side salad, cheesy potatoes with bacon, and roasted green vegetables.  There are also $5 Texas beers and wine, as well as 1/2 off on all wine bottles.


Axelrad has a steak night on Tuesdays between 6pm and 10pm for $20 that features everything that a steak night in Houston should be.  Every week, they get a fresh cut of grass-fed steak from the butcher and organic veggies from the local farmer to serve you dinner at a great casual spot in midtown.  As an option, they also offer a vegan mushroom steak for our imperfect meat-free friends that you h...[Read More]


Sassafras offers up chef's choice of steak cut with some of the most fancy pants sounding sides I've seen on a steak night menu, such as chili butter, bacon braised cabbage, creole mustard mash potatoes, braised cauliflower, fried potatoes with pepper gravy, and so on.  Find it on Mondays for $20.

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