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Axelrad has a steak night on Tuesdays between 6pm and 10pm for $20 that features everything that a steak night in Houston should be.  Every week, they get a fresh cut of grass-fed steak from the butcher and organic veggies from the local farmer to se...[Read More]


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McIntyre's is one of our favorite spots in Houston to kick back and relax.  To help you do that, they have a gianormous patio with TV's and swings everywhere so you can catch the best games or carry on a good conversation with a great crowd that seem...[Read More]


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MKT Bar at Phoenicia

MKT Bar is truly a hidden gem when it comes to pulling off a cheap date night, without making the guy feel like a cheapo. Remember to enjoy a walk through Discovery Green after dinner to complete the night.  Pro tip: Phoenicia has free parking in the...[Read More]


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Our favorite grillmaster, Bryan Hawes, is at it on Tuesdays at Pimlico slinging his mojo for $18.  That gets you a well seasoned Ribeye, jalapeno mashed potatoes that he mashes himself onsite, and perhaps some of his amazing pasta salad if you ask re...[Read More]


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The Hideaway

Dating back to 1997, Hideaway is one of the original spots to offer steak nights.  In fact, my very first steak night was at this joint off Dunvale. On Tuesdays and Saturdays (!!!) for $14, you can get a ribeye, baked potato, and salad.  Add grill...[Read More]


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Front Porch Pub

Front Porch Pub in Midtown hosts steak-n-bock nights every Tuesday and Thursday, where they cook up a 16oz hand-cut ribeye cooked over coals, served with a baked potato for $15.  Parking is tough like every other place in Midtown, but it's one of the...[Read More]



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Community Bar

This is a place I've frequented many times over the years, and it's generally been a really good spot to go to on a Tuesday.  But this steak night as some consistency issues, as on some days the steaks come out drenched in its salty marinade making i...[Read More]


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Pub Fiction

Pub Fiction in Midtown has a strip special for $16 on Tuesdays.  It's not an amazing deal relative to what else you can find on a Tuesday, but the bar typically has a good crowd even during the week.


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D&T Drive Inn

D&T has a steak night every Tuesday, which somewhat blows away the competition in pricing.  At $18 for a 10 oz Sirloin or $28 for a 16 oz Ribeye, it compares to what you would likely pay at a Saltgrass or Outback.  But then again, those places do...[Read More]

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